Hush little baby don’t you cry

So we have a lot of Syrian refugees living in our neighborhood. I am not sure if they pay some rent or if they just crash in those abandoned construction sites.

These families are kind of noisy and loud. They also have a lot of suspicious walks next to our building so the neighbors are not very fond of them.

Despite them being possibly dangerous, I don’t like when people talk bad about them. I mean if they are refugees, it doesn’t mean they are bad people, or of lower value. They have endured a lot, and they are just victims of war and politics. If they commit crimes like burglary or maybe homicide, it is only to survive. Yes some exceptions apply, like anywhere else, but mostly it is what it is. We live comfortably in our homes, eating fancy foods and wearing warm clothes, and we judge them, we judge people who are starving, people who have nothing, people who have only themselves to survive.

I don’t do politics and I don’t care who is right and who is wrong. What I care is that people are suffering because of other people’s worship of money and power.


What ached my hear is seeing this boy holding this crying baby, who might be his brother, cousin or maybe they are just sharing living space. He held him, sang to him, played with him and he wouldn’t stop crying. The baby was calling for this mother but no one was there. Those two kids were all alone in the building and no one was answering their call. I am not trying to shame their parents. On the contrary, they might be out there trying to get food on the table.


He held him, sang to him and tried to comfort him, that his mother will be here soon.

It is not life that is unjust. It is people, their greed and evil spirit that makes it unjust.

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